Tune Sweeper Crack Serial Number Free Download

Tune Sweeper Crack Serial Number Free Download


Tune Sweeper crack can be used to scan for same music on your iTunes account, allowing you to open space by removing them.

Tune Sweeper crack has a rare design that makes it easy to check and delete the duplicate access in your iTunes library. Duplicates are displayed in groups. A detailed report is given about each of the tracks in the group to help you choose which track to keep.

Select which tune in every group you want to maintain. You could try this manually or inform song sweeper to preserve the song in every group based totally on the tracks first-class, length, date brought or date last played. Speedy search and remove copy iTunes tracks using music sweeper.

Tune Sweeper crack


Greater than only a duplicates finder, song sweeper is your all-in-one iTunes cleansing app. Routinely locate and cast off duplicates, find out and upload tracks on your mac now not indexed in iTunes and get rid of tracks indexed on iTunes, not in your mac! Track sweeper additionally corrects lacking paintings and different song information.
All finished quickly and easily with some mouse clicks the usage of music sweeper!

– Duplicate Removal –

Song sweeper shows the reproduction tracks located on your iTunes library in companies and suggests which tracks to keep primarily based on your preference. I.E. Highest best, cutting-edge played, modern added and so forth. You could override this computerized choice on a group with the aid of organization basis.
Additionally, you could pay attention to a music in case your unsure if that is the right music to remove.

At a click of a button, track sweeper eliminates the selected duplicates from iTunes, saving you disk space and cleaning up your track series. Optionally, tune sweeper will back up the tracks eliminated for safe preserving.

– Tracks Not In iTunes –

Tune Sweeper scans your hard drive for music not presently listed in your iTunes library. With a click of a button you can add this further music to your iTunes library.

– Tracks Missing –

Track sweeper additionally suggests all of the tracks listed in iTunes which are lacking from your tough power. Music sweeper can quickly remove these damaged links to your iTunes library with one mouse click.

– Fix Track Details –

Use track sweeper to discover tracks with lacking information and then fast fill inside the blanks with track sweeper. Music sweeper makes use of advanced digital fingerprinting technology to become aware of your music and download the right tune records to iTunes automatically!

Apple Music

Apple music is a tremendous manner of coming across a new track. Music sweeper lists the apple track tracks you have brought in your music library – with the intention to vanish if you cancel your apple tune subscription. Optionally, buy those tracks to hold them for your library.

– Statistics –

For a chunk of a laugh, tune sweeper crack will summarize your maximum listened to artists and genres in iTunes. You’ll be amazed what track sweeper can inform you approximately your listening behavior!


  • Tune Sweeper displays the duplicates in your iTunes library in groups.
  • Tune Sweeper crack Automatically select which of the same copies in each group you want to keep.
  • Quickly search the duplicate list for specific tracks.
  • Remove all the same copies at the click of a button.
  • Tracks delete from iTunes are optionally backed up for safe keeping.
  • Tune Sweeper crack Find and remove missing tracks in your iTunes library.


To activate Tune Sweeper, follow these steps…

  1. Download, install and active Tune Sweeper.
  2. Pick “activate music sweeper” from the “assist” table in music sweeper.
  3. Enter your activation code and press “Finish“.


    • Windows Vista
    • Vista 34 bit
    • Window 7
    • Window 7 64 bit
    • Window 8
    • Window 8 64 bit

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