oCam Screen Recorder Software Free Download For PC

Tired of using useless software for Screen Recording, You can’t find a proper software for recording. Now don’t worry we are providing you the best software for Screen Recording which is oCam Screen Recorder. This is one of the best software which has some amazing features and is a perfect option to choose. It is a Capture tool which records the image and Video of your computer screen.  The software is used in both Windows & iOS. One of the best Screen Recorder for iOS It has a Built-in Video and Audio Supporting Formats. You can also use it for a screen capture just take a screenshot of whatever is displayed on the screen.

Know days these type of software are very important. People use it in different situations such as Making Tutorial, Screen Sharing, Online Webinars. We are in an Advance world where everything is possible. People present their presentation online, Give online courses where they Share their home screen and let their students know what he is doing and how he is doing. You can also use it to record movies songs from other Networks & Entertaining Sites.

oCam Screen Recorder Options

oCam Screen Recorder has a resizable frame with some simple toolbar. You can Simple adjust the frame of your choice and adjust to the screen part which you want to record. You can also adjust a permanent size in which everytime you record something will be the same size and latter you can also adjust. The size can be  (640×480, 800×800, 1024×768 ). In the meantime, you can also capture the image with just a Single click. The recording will save automatically to the Software folder. You can Pause the Video Recording at any time and continue it whenever you want. The best thing about this software which you cant find in any other software which is the video can record up to 4GB long and support Dual Monitor.  oCam Screen Recorder comes with the amazing Audio Recording Quality a variety of sound quality without stereo steam mixing.

oCam Screen Recorder Video Formats


oCam Screen Recorder Audio Formats


oCam Screen Recorder Image Formats



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